Subscription Levels

Subscription Packages for Iraq Law Alliance, PLLC Library

Basic Access
to the Federal Iraq
Law Library

Legal Iraqi Gazette

Full Access to
the Iraq Law Library & Gazettes

Concierge Access to Iraq Law Library and the Kurdistan Law Library

The basic Iraq subscription includes access to available Iraqi laws in English and Arabic. The laws are organized by subject matter and chronological order.
Iraq Law Library: This library includes published laws and unpublished Ministerial Regulations in force in Baghdad, Basra, amongst other Governorates.
As a separate service, the monthly Gazettes of the Kurdistan Region and Republic of Iraq are available. These Gazettes detail all new laws and instructions as well as any formal Government communication. These Gazettes are available via the website in the original languages in pdf format onwards from June 1, 2013. If both the law library function and the Gazettes are required, below is discounted rate: Complete access to both the Kurdistan Library (This library includes published laws in force within the Kurdistan Region, including Federal Iraqi laws as well as Kurdistan specific law) and the Iraq Federal Law Library, as well as access to the Gazettes of both.
$975 per month $975 per month $1300 per month $2000 per month


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